Guilt Free Healthy Meal Delivery in OKC

Fresh Fit Meals Healthy Food Delivery
Fresh Fit Meals provides healthy meal delivery in OKC so you don't have to choose between a busy lifestyle and eating healthy.

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Springtime brings warmer weather, vacations, sports, and increased activities, which inevitably means managing busier schedules. Meal delivery services allow you to put time back into your day without the guilt of losing out on quality ingredients used in home cooking. Fresh Fit 405 believes you shouldn’t have to choose between a busy and dynamic lifestyle and eating healthy foods. They provide pre-made meals through home delivery and pre-order pickup at their storefront with a simple philosophy: eat good, feel good, and do good.

Sarah Van Ahn, the owner of Fresh Fit, breaks down the three pillars of the philosophy, starting with eating well. “Everything is simple; nothing is processed or made with additives or preservatives,” She says. Fresh Fit centers the meals around whole foods and clean, low-inflammatory ingredients, including vegetables, protein, and healthy carbs. All ingredients and macros are listed, and all food is measured. “The overall feeling when people eat their meals is that they know and believe in the ingredients and are shocked at how simple they are. We take a lot of pride in that,” Van Ahn says.

If you eat well, you will eventually begin to feel good. When you feel good, you have the endurance to do a workout and still get to work and be a boss or show up for your kids by having the energy it takes to raise a family. Meal prep removes the guesswork over if you’re eating well or receiving the necessary nutrients.

Sarah says, “Without proper nutrition, the ability to motivate yourself to do good doesn’t exist.” She says, “You can show up better because your nutrition is taken care of, and you are confident in your eating. You can then transform that energy into action in how you do good in this world.” She describes meal prep as the simplest form of self-care that is good for the body and soul and simplifies life. It’s a starting point for making changes and setting more extensive and better goals. Aside from providing energy, clean ingredients help with immunity, healthy skin, and a slim stomach.

Sarah calls the middle aisles of a grocery store the processed section, and explains that removing these items is one of the simplest changes you can make to freshen your food intake. Putting preservatives and additives on your salads can cause a lot of damage. She shares her favorite, simple recipe for a homemade salad dressing as a small step to incorporating clean, healthy ingredients to feel better.

Written by Megan Ford

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