Keep Moving OKC: Best Workouts Without a Gym Membership

Keep Moving OKC
At Fit City, we prioritize health and wellness, even while having a busy schedule. Keep moving OKC with these no equipment needed workouts. No gym membership needed and no excuses to looking and feeling your best.

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Wanting to get active and keep your body moving, but don’t have time to go all the way to the gym? With summer just around the corner, Fit City is bringing you some of the best exercise recommendations… no equipment needed! ving, but don’t have time to go all the way to the gym? Keep moving OKC with these amazing workouts.

Just 150 minutes of exercise is recommended per week to maintain healthy habits. But how can you exercise without machines and weights? There are several ways to train without weights, but a great place to start is through body weight strength exercise. A couple body-weight workouts you should try include (but are not limited to):

• Squats
• Lunges
• Situps
• Planks
• Pushups
• Step-ups 
• Pull-ups

During these exercises, try to keep your movements smooth and controlled. Repetition is also a key to creating and maintaining muscle. Try doing sets of 12-15 for each exercise before switching to a new movement.

Accomplish your first no equipment workout today by giving the workout below a shot! Whether you’re at home in Oklahoma City or on the go traveling, these workouts are easy and effective.

With no equipment workouts, you are able to look and feel your best from the comfort of your own home, while on a business trip, or while on vacation! Just 20 minutes of being active can make all the difference in how you feel. So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s keep moving OKC and live our best, healthiest lives.

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