Top Youth Sports Programs in OKC for an Active and Fun Summer

youth sports programs
Summer sports help programs keep your kids active, learning, and healthy. Keep reading to learn about the top youth sports programs in OKC!

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Summer is here and your kids are out of school. Now what? Summer sports programs may be perfect to keep your kids active, learning, and healthy over the summer. Keep reading to learn about the best youth sports programs in OKC!

youth sports programs

Best Youth Sports Programs in OKC

i9 Sports

I9 Sports welcomes kids of all ages to participate in their program options, including basketball, volleyball, flag football, soccer, baseball, and athlete development. At i9 Sports, your kids will be taught the rules of the game with an emphasis on sportsmanship and healthy competition in preparation for the games they will play competitively. Kids are encouraged to play in every game and practices are only once per week right before their game.

YMCA Oklahoma City

You can’t go wrong with the YMCA. The YMCA strives to create an environment where your kids feel empowered to live an active lifestyle, feel more confident, and value teamwork skills. Here, your kids can participate in sports including basketball, martial arts, softball, swimming and more. You can also enroll your kids into week-long summer camps, with the price of $165 per week for YMCA members and $220 per week for non-members.

If your kids enjoy their time at the YMCA, you can bring them back for their spring and fall sports which include flag football, soccer, golf, and volleyball.

OKC Parks

As a parent, you can also participate in OKC Parks adult & youth sports programs, and you can choose for yourself and your kids if you want to participate individually or be on a team. Basketball and baseball/softball can be enjoyed by both kids and adults while volleyball, flag football, and soccer are just for the youth. They offer an all-girls program called Girl on the Run of Central Oklahoma, where young girls improve their running skills while having fun and making new friends. OKC Parks knows that children involved in sports grow up to be more creative, social, and ambitious, making youth sports of high value to them.

US Sports Camps

US Sports Camps offers youth sports summer camps all over the country, with OKC and the surrounding areas included. Some of their OKC camps are held at the local universities. You can expect to find sports of all kinds, with some being overnight camps and even adult sports camps.

US Sports Camps offer kids a chance to experience a huge variety of sports including dance, field hockey, wrestling, gymnastics, lacrosse, rugby, rowing, triathlon, water polo, and so much more. There is truly something for everyone at US Sports Camps.

youth sports programs

Additional Benefits

Enrolling your kids in these programs not only keeps them active and engaged but also provides them with opportunities to develop important life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and leadership. They will also have the chance to make new friends and create lasting memories. Moreover, these programs include and cater to different skill levels, ensuring that every child can participate and enjoy.

With these programs, your children will have the summer of a lifetime by being active, learning valuable life skills, and making new friends. We hope to see them on the field!

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