In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, having a trusted primary health provider is akin to having a compass on your wellness journey. Now, add the concept of concierge service, and you have a healthcare experience that’s truly exceptional. We would like to introduce to you Dr. Lan-Uyen Stephanie Nguyen, a trusted local Family Medicine physician in OKC, and her unique approach to patient care.

Dr. Nguyen is a Family Medicine physician embarking on a journey to establish a comprehensive primary care practice in NW Oklahoma City. Although originally from California, she gradually made her way eastward, first for medical school at Rocky Vista University, College of Osteopathic Medicine in Colorado, and then for her Family Medicine training at Saint Anthony’s Hospital in Oklahoma. Her connection with Oklahoma inspired her to create a distinctive medical practice in the state.

Dr. Lan-Uyen Stephanie Nguyen, DO | Fit City Magazine

Direct Primary Care

Dr. Nguyen is set to open a hybrid direct primary care (DPC) practice, a model she discovered during her medical school years in 2018. Its patient-centered approach immediately captivated her. DPC eliminates the insurance intermediary, simplifying the doctor-patient relationship through a reasonable monthly fee. This approach offers extended visits, no copays, unlimited visits or contacts as needed, and cost savings by avoiding insurance complexities. It places the focus squarely on the patient and fosters a mutually beneficial relationship.

Her practice will encompass two facets. One part will involve caring for seniors in assisted living homes through Medicare. The other side will feature a DPC private practice, allowing Dr. Nguyen to provide each enrolled patient the time and commitment they genuinely deserve. She will operate out of Prairie Garden Medical, a multi-faceted clinic with a range of providers and services, including lab work, x-rays, orthopedic surgery, physical therapy, hearing tests, psychiatry, and a pharmacy offering comprehensive services, including compounding.

Dr. Nguyen firmly believes that the DPC model, when implemented effectively, empowers patients and physicians to take charge of their healthcare discussions and decisions. She is dedicated to bringing this model to her patients at Prairie Garden Medical, where she will listen attentively and provide the best possible care.

Dr. Lan-Uyen Stephanie Nguyen, DO | Fit City Magazine

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Dr. Nguyen is currently accepting new patients and is running new patient specials. She can be reached by phone at 405-633-3502 or email:

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