Valliance Bank: Uncovering the Importance of Financial Health

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Much like physical health, financial health is a fundamentally crucial part of creating total mind and body wellness. Not only does a financially healthy lifestyle alleviate harmful stress, but it also lays the foundation for a safe, secure future. Valliance Bank, headquartered in Oklahoma City, is educating and inviting the local community to access healthy and stable financial futures.

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Valliance was established in 2004 with a focus on financially partnering with business owners and executives throughout the community. Valliance Bank is uniquely positioned to make quick decisions, offer unparalleled customer service, and a personalized banking experience.

In 2020, the fastest growing business segment across the United States is comprised of women business owners, contributing over $1.8 trillion to the economy each year. Yet it’s also been reported that women receive only 7% of the venture funds available for startups. In recent years, female entrepreneurs asked for roughly $35,000 less in business financing than men and men receive an average loan of $5,000 more than women.

Valliance Bank is changing the way women business owners bank by providing financial guidance, education, and resources to improve their financial health easily. By making the process of funding less intimidating, coupled with extensive resources and customized support, Valliance Bank can partner with businesses of all sizes to create a healthy financial future.

Relationship banking is an overarching concept for the Valliance Bank team. The principle guides the organization’s loyalty and customer service by fully understanding each individual’s goals and objectives. Together, both parties can strategize and develop a business plan that will bring future financial goals to fruition. This principle allows Valliance Bank to act as a robust partner, growing relationships over and above the typical transactions that usually occur within a bank. If a patron needs help setting up their mobile banking app or has questions about a business loan application, a Valliance Bank employee is always ready to assist!

Valliance Bank is also shining a spotlight on phenomenal women in business throughout the community. On March 8, 2019, in honor of International Women’s Day, the organization launched the Valliance Bank Women Trailblazer movement, a tribute to the amazing women business owners and entrepreneurs who are consistently blazing a trail for their fellow females to follow to success. For more information on the Trailblazer movement, follow it on Instagram at @BeATrailblazer.

It’s never too late to start preparing for the future. Need help assessing your current financial health and planning ahead? Schedule a complimentary account statement analysis and learn how to get started with Valliance Bank by visiting or stopping by any of their locations.

Article by Samantha Rosenfeld


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