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Feel your best by maintaining your mental and physical health during the winter months by clipping into The Cycle Society's bikes today!

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Winter months may bring holiday joy, but along with that can come stressors and seasonal depression. Therefore, maintaining a physical routine throughout winter is crucial. “New Year, New You” is a great mentality to hone your strengths and fine-tune them, but working out shouldn’t be relegated to next year’s checklist, although there is no wrong time to start. The Cycle Society is here to help.

Consistency is Key

Consistently working out is key to maintaining a healthy mind, releasing stress, and restoring your mental balance. The more you focus on yourself, the more you can give back to others during the giving season. The Cycle Society provides a place to “groove, sweat, and recover” to maintain a healthy lifestyle with an array of classes.

Meet Our General Manager

Savannah Owen, the General Manager of Cycle Society, was a health educator for the state department of education, overseeing health for the entire state. You could say health is a passion for Savannah. “If you do not take care of mental and physical health, you will not be as successful with work, family, or social life,” she says. “We are only as strong as our mind and our body.”

Savannah wanted to create a place to exercise and build a fantastic community focused on all those aspects. She made this by consistently hosting events where customers can meet each other and experience a fun environment that is conducive to promoting health and wellness in individuals.

High Intensity, High Reward

The average class burns between 350 and 600 calories, some as high as 700, depending on the individual. Cycle Society is proud of and emphasizes diversity. Each instructor brings something different with every class, so your body doesn’t get adjusted to one specific style of a higher-calorie burn.

The sessions go beyond cycling by incorporating hand weights and resistance bands, since there are benefits to developing your core, triceps, shoulders, and lateral muscles, and having a whole-body experience. The blended classes include 30 minutes of weight lifting on the indoor Astroturf after a cycling class to create a hybrid teaching style.

Book A Class Today

Owen paints the picture of barely lit rooms—so no one feels too seen—and disco lights that will engage you, almost as if you were in a club. There is a stretch and recovery room with yoga mats to unwind after the adrenaline rush of a class. All memberships include access to infrared eucalyptus saunas, which benefit health and wellness by boosting your immune system to help fight off winter illnesses like colds or flu by helping eliminate toxins and providing rest and relaxation after a class.

First-time visitors can call or email to schedule a tour of the space. New riders are encouraged to show up 20 minutes before class to determine which weights are best. Be on the lookout for the transformation challenges throughout the year! The challenges go beyond weight loss and focuses on total body transformation. Book your bike with The Cycle Society today!!

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