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Physical Therapy Central Injury Prevention
Physical Therapy Central offers physical therapy sessions that improve balance, strength, and flexibility while preventing possible injuries.

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Spring symbolizes a fresh start, a chance to break out of hibernation and become active again. As the days get longer, sports resume and people ditch their treadmills to take their fitness regimen outside. Some people resume outdoor walking and running, while others pick up new hobbies such as golfing, tennis or pickleball. Many people are excited to begin gardening this time of year as well. While being outside is excellent for releasing endorphins and increasing serotonin levels, it is also a common time of year for increased number of injuries. 

Physical Therapy Central can offer you a refreshing start to the season with physical therapy sessions that improve balance, strength, flexibility, enhance performance and prevent possible injuries. Seeing a physical therapist before beginning a new strenuous activity can be extremely beneficial. They can assess muscular imbalances and prescribe strengthening exercises as well as stretches for improving flexibility in muscles that may have been hibernating through the winter months. Even conditioned muscles need to be acclimated slowly to the increased activities of spring. 

PTCentral West Edmond’s Clinic Director, Devin Trachman PT, DPT, MTC, advises scheduling an appointment with a physical therapist when beginning a new activity if you feel an onset of symptoms ranging from pain and tenderness to any type of discomfort. To prevent injury, physical therapists can assess areas of muscular imbalances through specific strengthening and stretching protocols. Trachman says, “it is common during spring to see an influx of sprains, strains, and tendinopathies in association with increased activities.” 

A typical injury that therapists see in the spring is “runner’s knee,” a specific injury of runners that causes dull pain at the front of the knee. Other common springtime injuries include ankle sprains, groin, hamstring, and low back strains, shin splints, and “little league” or “tennis elbow”. All physical therapists are licensed to treat general orthopedic injuries. PTCentral has many expert therapists on staff for specific injuries, including several running specialists. Physical therapists are among the highest-trained professionals in the function of the muscles and joints in healthcare. 

Listening to your body is essential, even if you may not feel pain. You can aim to improve your performance by proactively scheduling visits with a physical therapist. Your PTCentral physical therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation that assesses your functional movements, strength, and mobility as well as focusing on your specific goals. Spring is a time of new possibilities! Your body will feel rejuvenated and prepared for whatever the season brings after a visit to one of PTCentral’s 34+ locations.

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