Unlock Your Body’s Potential: Why Seeing a Norman Chiropractor Should Be Part of Your Wellness Routine

Norman Chiropractor
People often think a chiropractor is only needed once an injury occurs, but this Norman Chiropractor makes it part of a wellness routine.

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Oklahoma Chiropractic Collective business owners Ty Womack, and Austin Freeman, have known each other since playing little league in elementary. The friendship carried through middle and high school, from roommates in the dorms to opening their first practice together, Oklahoma Chiropractic Collective based in Norman, Oklahoma.

This Norman chiropractor clinic is different. The doctors didn’t want to create a facility that felt sterile; they wanted the ambiance to be warm and inviting. An aroma of fresh, clean, and relaxing diffusing oils drift through the air. The office is not like typical chiropractic offices. Womack and Freeman adjust in the open with three tables on a turf floor to create an inclusive family feel. The office is full of color, expression, and different elements that create a space for healing. Womack says, “Health is not just physical; it’s spiritual and mental.”

Ty Womack knew he wanted to be a doctor from the moment he was injured in high school and wanted to help other athletes heal from injuries. After attending OU and shadowing surgeons, he quickly realized he fell in love with helping people, but not the surgery process and not having face-to-face interactions with patients. After exploring other conservative healthcare options, Womack decided on chiropractic care.

Austin similarly knew that he wanted to get into a career in helping people after he witnessed his dad, one of his heroes in life, become confined to the floor in pain due to a back injury. It wasn’t until his father got into chiropractic sessions that he got an easement of that pain.

After years of friendship and living together, both doctors knew that their personalities aligned well and had the same work ethic, making starting a business a no-brainer. They wanted to shift from medicine to a conservative, more natural approach. In college, Ty’s grandma had various medical issues, including open heart surgery that went wrong. She was hospitalized for nearly four months. He wanted to hone in on an alternative way to live, a healthier way.

The two now aspire to teach the world how to be preventative and strengthen the body and mind. Patient education is of utmost importance. They want to spend time with each patient by explaining why patients are experiencing pain and other symptoms instead of adjusting and sending people on their way. People often think a chiropractor is only needed once an injury occurs, but Womack and Freeman encourage coming in regularly to ensure the body functions correctly. The doctors can prevent larger issues when the dysfunction is corrected before it manifests as other symptoms.

Springtime causes many patients to have lower back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. An adjustment is paramount to help with injuries, but the office offers different care modalities, like intersegmental traction and a device for lower back strengthening. They teach proper ways to perform day-to-day movements and workouts, including adequate training and ergonomics. Book a new patient visit with Oklahoma Chiropractic Collective in Norman, Oklahoma, today!

Oklahoma Chiropractic Collective

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