Ask the Expert – IV Hydration Therapy

IV Hydration Therapy - Sculpted. We had the chance to sit down with our friends at IV Hydration Therapy to ask all of your questions.

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FIT405: What is IV Hydration Therapy, or Vitamin Therapy?

Sculpted: Even with a healthy diet and lifestyle, your body demands nutrients. With our vitamin IVs, we can we can deliver key nutrients, antioxidants, amino acids, electrolytes and hydration to dramatically improve your health, wellness and mood.  

FIT405: How does it work?

Sculpted: By directly infusing your body with much needed nutrients, your body can perform at peak levels. This is achieved with just a simple

vitamin shot or a vitamin drip at one of our luxurious treatment clinics. Those who are short on time prefer shots, however, if you are feeling 

really depleted, we recommend a vitamin drip . 

FIT405: Is there any downtown after your treatment?

Sculpted: No. You may go back to work, your workout or travel plans immediately after a vitamin therapy treatment-in fact its recommended to receive vitamins before a workout, travel or work.The vitamins will give you the energy and mood boost you need to get through your day and feel naturally energized, productive and ready to crush your workout.  

FIT405: How much does it cost?

Sculpted: Treatments range from $130-$212 depending on the infusion

you choose. 




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