Oklahoma City Welcomes Boutique Studio YogaSix to the Fitness Community


YogaSix, a modern and all-levels accessible boutique yoga studio, is opening its first Oklahoma City franchise location in Chisholm Creek in July of 2020.

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YogaSix, a modern and all-levels accessible boutique yoga studio, is opening its first Oklahoma City franchise location in Chisholm Creek in July of 2020. Encouraging energetic, exciting, and fun movement, YogaSix is a contemporary take on the breathing techniques, exercises, and meditation found in yoga practice.

 No matter one’s level of fitness, YogaSix is a dynamic and exciting way to introduce or enhance one’s practice. YogaSix demystifies language typically used within a yoga setting and instead uses easy-to-understand wording that easily communicates cues and poses throughout the class. The fitness studio also addresses the body’s scientific need to move with increasing intensity to overcome plateaus in order to progress in strength and repair itself over time. “It is our goal for every individual who comes through our doors to feel better leaving than they did when they first walked in,” said the new YogaSix area franchise co-owner, Amy Sewell.

 YogaSix offers six core classes which range from beginner levels to restorative flows to power classes. Their 101 class is the perfect class for those who are new or are looking to return to yoga, while their slower-paced Slow Flow class offers slow transitions and experienced postures throughout the class. YogaSix’s Hot classes aim to strengthen and stretch one’s practice throughout a heated session and recommends that attendees hydrate well throughout. The Restore classes are slow, low to the ground, and help to open and stretch major muscle groups within the body, offering an opportunity for the body to recover. The Power classes are faster-paced and offer challenging flows that focus on strength and flexibility, all while incorporating a little bit of fun during the power hour. YogaSix’s final class offering, Sculpt & Flow, combines yoga flows with strength training, helping to improve cardiovascular health and endurance with the help of dumbbells, body weight exercises, and other props as needed.

 “YogaSix truly offers yoga to the masses through formats and teaching that speaks to all levels,” Y6 lead teacher Katie Kanak shared, “I’ve had a very traditional approach to yoga with an Ashtanga background.  I’ve been to India to study three years in a row, and every time I return, my students become more selective. I’ve realized that I’m only accessing a small population with my teaching being so specialized and specific.  YogaSix has designed a style, language, and philosophy that can be taught to all.” Kanak is excited to grow as a teacher and have the opportunity to connect with more of the Oklahoma City community through YogaSix.

The physical space offers a full sensory experience with state-of-the-art sound systems, modern lighting, and heating elements that vary depending on the type of class selected. YogaSix’s full-service boutique also offers a retail experience, providing national brands such as Lululemon, Glyder, Onzie, Beyond Yoga, Free People and more.

While yoga is considered personal practice, the team behind YogaSix believes that it should be shared with a community that works together to uplift one another, both on and off the mat. This franchise boutique fitness space intends to build an empowered, connected, and welcoming community and hopes to grow within Oklahoma City in the future.

Yoga Six, a franchise brand of Exponential Group, is located in Chisholm Creek along with their sister studio, Cycle Bar. Chisolm Creek is Oklahoma’s first mixed-use development, combining miles of walking trails with office spaces, apartments, and an eclectic mixture of dining, shopping, entertainment, and fitness options. The focal point of this picturesque space is a small lake, surrounded by trails in addition to play areas and fire pits. The new YogaSix franchise location will provide an area for the community to come together outside in between classes. “We are so excited to be able to provide a place for our community to come together outside of our studio,” shared Sewell.

Right now, YogaSix Chisholm Creek is offering 25% off its founding membership rate, the lowest rate that will be available for the studio at any point in time, which will end when the studio officially opens. Find out more about this promotion, as well as their upcoming VIP week and other offers by visiting yogasix.com/location/chisholm-creek or call 405-608-9334 to join the community today.

You can also stay up to date on the latest news about their grand opening by following them on Facebook at YogaSix (Chisholm Creek) or Instagram at @yogasix_chisholmcreek.

Visit the newest OKC YogaSix franchise location later this summer at 1332 W. Memorial Ave, Suite 102, Oklahoma City, OK 73114.

Author: Samantha Rosenfeld

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