Regenerative Medicine OKC: Get Younger Looking Skin and Faster Healing

Regenerative Medicine OKC | Fit City
Discover the transformative potential of regenerative medicine here in OKC. These advanced products offer remarkable tissue repair and rejuvenation benefits, making them an ideal treatment option.

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The Power of Regenerative Medicine for Healing and Renewal

You have probably heard the buzz around Human Cellular Tissue Products (HCTPs), also known as Exosomes. But what do these words mean? HCTPs all have the remarkable ability to promote tissue repair and regeneration. Their potential in advancing regenerative medicine make them an easy complementary treatment for both medical and aesthetic therapies.

Human Cellular Tissue Products (HCTPs) offer a myriad of benefits in the field of regenerative medicine and disease modification. These advanced biological products are derived from human tissues and have transformative potential by modulating the cellular environment when used in various medical applications.

Regenerative Medicine OKC | Fit City


Regenerative Medicine in OKC | Fit City

Dr. Ben Barenberg of Optimal Health Associates says, “Our largest clinic focus is on the significant benefit of HCTPs and their ability to promote tissue repair and regeneration” HCTPs contain living cell derived growth factors, cytokines, and extracellular matrix components that can stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and accelerate tissue healing by changing the cellular environment. HCTPs can also be used in conjunction with traditional medical therapies to treat chronic medical conditions such as heart failure, certain cancers, neuromuscular disorders (Parkinson’s/Multiple Sclerosis/ etc), chronic inflammatory conditions, traumatic injuries (orthopedic/burns), and rheumatologic disorders.

One huge advantage of HCTPs is their compatibility with the patient’s own tissues, effectively eliminating the risk of rejection complications. They provide a source of functional cells and cell influencers that can replace or repair damaged or diseased tissues therefore restoring normal function and improving quality of life.

Dr. Barenberg says their clinic is a leader in HCTPs therapies in the OKC metro. “Our clinic has ethically sourced quality HCTPs to maximize patient outcomes when using these innovative therapies”, says Barenberg. For a consultation to see if this treatment is right for you, call 405-992-3080 or visit

Regenerative Medicine in OKC | Fit City


Regenerative Medicine in OKC | Fit City

A Revolutionary Frontier in Skincare

Exosomes, the tiny extracellular vesicles released by cells, are gaining attention in the field of skin treatments for their potential regenerative properties. Rebekah Voda, owner of The Treatment Room, uses Exosomes because they are the “top dog” of stem cells. “We are seeing groundbreaking results with hair rejuvenation and improvement with sunken in/dark under-eyes”, she says.

Exosomes have emerged as a promising innovation in skincare due to their incredible benefits for the skin. These microscopic extracellular vesicles play a crucial role in intercellular communication and possess remarkable regenerative properties. When applied topically, exosomes promote skin rejuvenation by delivering vital proteins, growth factors, and nucleic acids to the target cells. They help stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Furthermore, exosomes enhance skin hydration, boost natural healing processes, and protect against environmental damage. Their non-invasive nature and compatibility with various skincare products make exosomes a valuable tool in achieving healthier, more youthful-looking skin. Voda says, “We like to offer natural anti-aging services as well and Exosomes are the best thing on the market for that”.

For a consultation to see if this treatment is right for you, call The Treatment Room at (405) 921-0585 or visit their website to make an appointment.

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