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The winter months may seem long, but they are the perfect time to repair your skin! Elevate Wellness and Aesthetics is one of the best med + day spas in OKC and has the perfect skin care regime to achieve a beautiful winter glow!

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During the bitter months of winter, we long for the sun’s warmth on our skin. We miss the glow of our summer tans. But wintertime is the best time to repair your skin and create a healthy glow by reversing the damage done by the harsh sun. Elevate Wellness & Aesthetics offers laser and facial treatments to rejuvenate your skin from the spots caused by everyday living and the sun.

Located in Norman, OK, Elevate Wellness & Aesthetics specializes in hormone pellets, Neo Elite Laser, and fat and cellulite reduction. Ashley Willeford, the owner of Elevate, says, “Laser treatments are more comfortable when your skin is less tanned. The more intense your tan is, the more the light will pick up.” She recommends the SmoothGlo device, one of the most popular services heading into the cooler months when people’s complexions are fairer. “There can be more discomfort with tan skin, so we recommend always doing the treatments in the winter.”

The SmoothGlo Treatment

SmoothGlo is an innovative sequential skin treatment that utilizes two proven technologies delivered one following the other in one session, resulting in visibly fuller, brighter, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin. It focuses on hyperpigmentation/brown spots, redness, and veins.

It delivers immediate and accumulative results achieved in 3–4 visits with minimal discomfort and little to no downtime. SmoothGlo was created in response to consumers seeking skin treatments that address multiple signs of aging in one session. 

The treatment focuses on three layers of rejuvenation: skin tone, texture, and volume. The stellar intense pulsed light improves skin tone by treating “reds and browns,” including stubborn lentigos. The Legend Pro™ VoluDerm™ radiofrequency microneedling improves skin texture by smoothing wrinkles and enhancing hyaluronic acid’s natural production, improving volume and helping reduce pore size.

The IPL destroys the pigment and blood-filled capillaries with microneedling to create micro wounds in your skin to regenerate collagen and elastin. You can return to everyday skincare and makeup within 24 hours after treatment. Any redness, swelling, or irritation only lasts 3 to 4 days.

The Benefits of Hydrafacials

While hydrafacials aren’t recommended just for winter—they are a year-round treatment—they are crucial to regaining moisture in your skin during dryer months. Hydrafacial’s three-step process is: 1. Cleanse + peel by gently exfoliating, and a relaxing resurfacing brings out a new layer of skin. 2. Extract + hydrate with a painless suction that removes debris from pores while intense moisturizers nourish and quench your skin. 3. Fuse + protect, antioxidants and peptides saturate your skin’s surface to maximize your glow. 

To view a service that could benefit you, visit Elevate Wellness & Aesthetics offers free consultations to anyone unsure of what service to select. Be on the lookout for 12 Days of Christmas, featuring a discounted service each day on their social media pages.

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