6 Tips on Making your Holiday Graze Board Healthy

Discover six helpful tips for making your holiday graze board healthy! Create a masterpiece this holiday season your whole family will love!

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Graze boards are a great solution while hosting a gathering this holiday season. They are simplistic, easy to assemble and they elevate your snack table. Here are six holiday graze board ideas that support health, along with tips and tricks for serving up a seriously epic platter.

Abundance is key – pile your platter up with larger, medium and smaller “fill-in-the-gap” sized items!

Healthy Tips

  • Swap regular crackers for gluten free crackers or pretzels
  • Use more fruit than chocolate 
  • Limit jams and add dips like hummus instead
  • Make it colorful with plenty of variety
  • Add more nutritious options like vegetables and nuts 
  • Tip – buy local fruits and veggies from scissortail park farmers market

Our local go-to for pre-made charcuterie:
Vine & Board
3809 NW 166th St Suite 1
Edmond, OK 73012
(405) 708-7195

Interested in learning more about how to create or order a holiday graze board? Fit City is here to help! Visit our directory to learn more about Vine & Board (and other vendors) who will help make your holidays come to life!

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