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Ready to make changes to your diet? Fit City Mag is here to help you discover healthy meal prep options available locally in OKC and Edmond, OK.

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Look for meal prep in OKC or planning to meal prep on your own? Meal prepping is the concept of preparing whole meals or dishes ahead of when you’ll want them. It’s a handy approach you can use to make delicious, homemade meals without the wait or work with local company in Oklahoma City to do the work for you. Meal prepping will save you time and money and it also reduces waste. Prepping your meals in advance gives you total control over what goes in your food making it easier to stay on track with your health goals. 

Types of meal prep approaches include:

      • Batch cooking or freezing: Make multiple meals, then portion and store them for the week. This method is useful for recipes you can easily cook in large batches, such as soup, quinoa, or mashed sweet potatoes.

      • Meals for one: Prepare food and portion it in single-serving containers. 

      • Ingredient prep: For people who like to cook and serve food all at once, just prep parts of your recipes. Chop veggies, mix spices, make sauces, or marinade meat in advance until you’re ready to cook.


        • To save time, select recipes requiring different cooking methods. Having too many recipes requiring the same appliance—the oven, for instance—will limit the number of dishes you can prepare at once.

        • Limit your grocery runs.

        • Organize your meals based on your schedule. Knowing exactly when you’ll shop for groceries and when you’ll eat your meals will help you form a good routine.

        • Invest in quality storage containers of all shapes and sizes to stay organized and keep meals fresh.

        • Use an app on your phone or pick up a weekly meal prep planner to keep track of recipes and meals for the week.

      Our go-to local meal prep OKC recommendations are:

      Fresh Fit 405

      For busy parents, students, entrepreneurs, or anyone seeking a healthier and more delicious diet, Fresh Fit 405’s ready-to-eat meals combine amazing tasty, nutritious ingredients that fuel the body and refresh the mind . Fresh Fit 405 is located at 6200 W Memorial Rd suite B and more grab-and-go options at Akins Grocers.

      Revolt Meals 

      All meals are made with wholesome gluten free ingredients, cooked fresh each week and delivered straight to your door. Revolt against fad diets and enjoy mouthwatering, ready-to-eat meals for all tastes and diet types. Dairy free options are also available. Visit Revolt Kitchen inside Urban Agragrian in Edmond, Oklahoma.

      Revolt Kitchen in Edmond

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